Rebuilding and Growth, our mission for 2013-14.

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Building a more robust financial roadbed before reopening the Museum

The museum will be closed until further notice to allow for a transformation. The current buildling isn't practical to heat in the winter (it used to be a factory) so the mueum will be moving into another building. We are excited to announce a new home for the ALCO Heritage Museum exhibits. The Walter Elwood Museum in Amsterdam, NY will host our cased exhibits and artifacts beginning February 15, 2014. This will allow many of our exhibits to once again be viewed by the public in a year-round setting.  

Our work isn't done! An amazing cast of volunteers worked to make the grand opening a major success, but this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for information about opportunities to help upgrade and enhance the museum experience. 

The restored "Patton" tank made by ALCO, on loan from its owner, will still be there along with the exhibits from the original building. More objects are being gathered and displays are being created. Work is also underway to bring complete steam and diesel equipment to the museum for display. 

Explore the links to the right for more information about the exhibits, artifacts and the oral history project that will bring Schenectady's industrial history to life for future generations. 

The search is on for a new location for the Museum, the exhibits and ALCO artifacts

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